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We at Mailinfo respect your wish to block mailinfo on your computer, and provide you with the tool to do so.

Privacy concerns are very important, and we know that no matter how good a solution we create for fighting the damage of spam, there will always be someone that, at least at first glance, may have concerns with respect to using the solution or even being exposed to it.

This is why we make it our policy to create solutions that take into account EVERYONE, including those who have concerns. The Mailinfo Confirmation Blocker is a small tool that blocks your computer from returning an indication to Mailinfo users e.g. an acknowledgement that an email was viewed.

Remember, a sender who has sent you an email, and who is using the automatic delivery confirmation service provided by Mailinfo, has chosen to let you know he/she is using Mailinfo and by so doing is actually telling you that:
  • It is important for him/her to know that emails sent to you are not lost because of spam or overloaded email servers.
  • He/she is not blocking Mailinfo - so if you are using Mailinfo as well you can make sure the emails you send him/her (and anyone else you value) are not lost either.
With this in mind, we'd like to draw your attention to the following important information:
  • Mailinfo is solving a very real problem - spam, viruses and worms on the one hand and drastic antispam measures on the other, cause more and more legitimate emails to get lost on their way to the recipients. 12%-17% are lost at the Internet service provider's (ISP's) email server. 14%, on average, are blocked by antispam software on recipients' PCs. Read more!
  • It's all about helping one another - only those who send us emails can really make sure we get them (if senders would know that we didn't get a certain email, they would resend it). Mailinfo helps senders do just that! If you block Mailinfo you're making it harder for them to help you.
  • Your privacy concerns are really about the Internet and email protocols - there is nothing in the information provided using Mailinfo that is not part of the standard email and/or Internet protocols. Furthermore, it is very important to note that Mailinfo does not run any script on your (the recipient's) computer.
  • Until now similar technology was used by spammers and commercial distributors for their own benefit - now you can use the same technology to fight back - we made it an easy tool for users to help themselves fight the damage of spam!!!
  • Mailinfo is committed to fighting spam and spammers - Mailinfo's service is built and designed to help end-users cope with the challenges spam has created.
By blocking Mailinfo you actually lose twice:
  • You make it harder for your friends and colleagues to make sure you get the emails they sent you.
  • There is a higher likelihood that email messages sent to you, will not be delivered to you and you won't even know it.
By downloading and/or using the mailinfo confirmation blocker you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of service available here.
If you still wish to proceed with blocking Mailinfo, then click on the button on the right. *
Download Mailinfo Confirmation Blocker

Be a part of the Mailinfo community and learn more about the benefits of using Mailinfo.

Mailinfo provides a rich set of email-enhancing features:

  • Know that your outgoing email is viewed - as it happens.
    Receive real time alerts directly to your desktop even while you are surfing the web or using any other application.
  • Get reminders to follow-up unconfirmed emails or emails that appear lost.
    Receive a daily reminder to follow up emails you sent which haven't been confirmed by Mailinfo or emails that appear to be lost.
  • Keep using your Microsoft Outlook® as you always do.
    Mailinfo is seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Outlook® so you can simply continue sending emails as usual.
  • Your emails remain private.
    The content of your emails remains between you and the recipients. We don't access your emails, we don't even see the recipient's address or the subject line.
  • Know the "impact" of your emails.
    - See when and where your email is viewed. - Know of renewed interest in your emails. - See the reach of your emails.
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