Know the impact of your emails

Mailinfo 4 for Outlook provides real-time information that lets you know when your emails are read

Mailinfo Features

  • Real time notifications displayed on your desktop when an email you sent is viewed for the first time.

    You can continue to surf the web or use any other application without checking your inbox constantly. Mailinfo will let you know by displaying the alert window.
  • Reminders to follow-up unconfirmed emails or emails that appear lost.

    Daily reminders on emails you sent that were not viewed and may be lost.
  • Real time notifications whenever your emails are viewed again.

    Mailinfo will let you know whenever your emails were opened by displaying the alert window. The mailinfo Report will include all the times in which your email was opened.
  • Location details in the Mailinfo report.

    You already know when your sent emails were viewed. Now you know where they were viewed with a quick glance at the Mailinfo report.

Mailinfo Benefits

  • Make sure that your outgoing emails were received and not blocked as spam.

    You don't have to worry if the emails you sent were received - If they got it you know it!
  • No need to change the way you use Microsoft Outlook ®.

    Mailinfo is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook ®.
    Continue to use it regularly and enjoy Mailinfo's special features.

Technical Issues and Limits

Like any technology, Mailinfo has its limitations and may not provide Mailinfo Alerts in certain cases.
Read about Mailinfo technical issues and limits.

Advanced settings

Customize mailinfo to your special needs. Decide when you wish to receive alerts, follow-up reminders, etc.

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