Technical Issues & Limits

We at Mailinfo are doing our best to provide our users with solutions that will make their experience using email better and more effective. Like every technology, Mailinfo is limited in the sense that there are always conditions and scenarios in which it may not operate effectively.

It is important to bear in mind that Mailinfo is not designed for mission critical use and should not be used for such purposes.

Can it be that a message was viewed and yet mailinfo tells me that "delivery of this message is not yet confirmed"?

Yes. This may happen in several situations, including:
  • The recipient is using "Mailinfo Confirmation Blocker".
  • The recipient read the message while being offline.
  • The recipient reads his messages in a plain text mode.
  • The recipient is using an email client that does not accept HTML or does not fully display HTML content or images.
    For example, Microsoft Outlook 2003® allows users to view HTML messages without related images.
  • You have set the Advanced Setting "Do not confirm delivery if a message is viewed for less than X seconds" such that the recipient may have viewed the message for a shorter period of time than the minimum required by the setting.

How accurate are the locations provided in the Mailinfo report?

The Mailinfo Report lists each entity who views your message, his/her location. The term "location" signifies the internet connection address info of the computer/network where the message was viewed. Each location a/b/c is usually accurate & points to a different location from which the message was viewed.

The location information is provided by a third party and is the information provided by the owner of the computer/network.
Such information may not be accurate, may be outdated and may be updated from time to time. It can.

You can use the location info in order to try and determine in a case of email to multiple recipient, which one of the recipient viewed the email. If determining which one viewed the email is important to you, we recommend that you send the email separately to each recipient.

Here are some examples why the location info can only provide an indication and not a conclusive information regarding the actual location from which the mail was viewed:

  • If the recipient's ISP/organization's Internet connection (internet address) is not permanent you may see a different location from the one initially reported the next time your recipient views the message.
  • Your recipient's location changed since he/she disconnected from the Internet and reconnected from a different location.
  • The location you see may also be different employees of a single company or an organization who are using the same internet connection or a proxy server. In this case message views by different recipients will all be marked as the same location e.g. "Location A".

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