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Mailinfo tells you if the recipient received, viewed or has not opened your emailplus much more!

Mailinfo Ltd. is committed to providing tools, that improve and expand users' email functionality & experience.
One of the major challenges with emails today, is making sure they reach their recipients, particularly with the flood of spam and virus threats, which have degraded email as a communication tool.
Mailinfo offers a solution to this problem - thus helping users regain email reliability & insuring that emails don't get lost while maintaining email privacy.

At Mailinfo we care about your emails and your privacy. We are very upfront about our privacy policies, our value to email users and our products' limitations. As with many new services, there are people who embrace the change right away and those, who prefer to minimize their exposure to it for a while.

We cater to all tastes!
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The MAILINFO Philosophy:
Fair, Balanced and Transparent Solution

Supporters of the "DO NO EVIL" approach
We wanted to share with you our thinking and values that helped us shape the Mailinfo service into what it is.

Providing a Solution for a Real Need
Legitimate emails not reaching their destination is a real and growing problem (read how emails are getting lost). Mailinfo is a service that helps both senders and receivers of emails to make sure their legitimate emails are not lost.

Finding a Careful Balance
In some cases a solution can only be found by finding an equilibrium point between different interests and capabilities, e.g. technology limitation, level of disclosure, degree of privacy, etc.

As with any equilibrium point, the key is to find the right compromise between the different factors. We believe that the Mailinfo solution is at such equilibrium point -
  • Using simple technology (with its known limitations);
  • Providing full disclosure to recipients of emails sent by Mailinfo users;
  • Catering to all users (even those who wish to block Mailinfo);
  • No compromise on email privacy (emails are not routed in special mysterious ways, no new addresses to be added on your emails, no copies of the email kept on our servers or go through our servers, email content is kept totally private from Mailinfo);
  • Reciprocity as a rule - to enjoy the service a user has to accommodate others wish to enjoy the service as well;
  • And most important - user experience - we have worked hard to offer our users a product that is well integrated into Microsoft Outlook®, that is simple to use, and that is customizable so that every user can tailor it to his liking.

Recipients are always being notified that delivery is confirmed.

Full Disclosure
We believe in full disclosure. That means that a recipient of an email, sent by a Mailinfo user, is informed of the use of Mailinfo and what does it mean.

The privacy of email correspondence should not be compromised.

Therefore we built the Mailinfo solution in a way that: (a) does not route the emails in new mysterious ways; (b) does not require adding new email addresses to the emails; (c) does not require the exposure of email content to Mailinfo - we keep no copies of the email on our servers, the emails never go through our servers.

A Solution for Everyone (including for those not interested in the solution)
We believe that no matter how good a solution is there will always be people that would prefer things as they were, without the solution. That is why, at the same time we are working very hard to create the right solution, we also provide a blocker that would enable those who wish not to be exposed to the new solution to do so with ease.

Mailinfo is about helping one another make sure his emails are not lost. That is why a user can not receive Mailinfo alerts and notifications and at the same time use the blocker to prevent others from receiving Mailinfo alerts which are generated when he views their emails.
The senders of emails are the only ones who can follow up on an email that got lost on the way. If we don't make it easy for them to follow up, they may not do so, and we may not get all the emails they send us.
Therefore we made it a principle that in order to enjoy the service a user has to accommodate others wish to enjoy the service as well - namely a user can not use Mailinfo and at the same time use the mailinfo Confirmation Blocker.

We strongly believe in this idea of reciprocity as captured so vividly by Yogi Berra, the famous New York Philosopher, who said:

"Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours"

We hope you will enjoy using Mailinfo.

The Mailinfo family

Download Mailinfo Now
Download your fully functional 30 days trial
For use with Microsoft Outlook®
Subscription plans available after the trial
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